Jameel Ahmed a Barber in Chakra Goth – financially independent and upwardly mobile

Jameel Ahmed is a barber in Chakra Goth, Karachi. Jameel says that after PTP’s min-MBA and consulting program , his perception about his business has changed for the better. Before engaging with the PTP team Jameel saw little potential in his micro-enterprise; at best making ends meet, providing for daily profits of PKR 200-250 ($2 to $2.50),  post engagement  daily profits have increased to PKR 250-400 ($2.50 to $4). This increase in profits has ensured that Jameel is no longer compelled to take frequent small loans from extended family, friends and/or loan sharks. His economic success has also reflected positively on his household, Jameel has taken his children out of a sub-standard government school and enrolled them in a private school. With PTP’s assistance, Jameel is working towards further expanding his business, with the aim of owning a bigger barber shop; Jameel is also planning to increase capacity at his current shop by installing a second barber chair and taking on an apprentice; creating employment in his community.


For Jamee Ahmed and his family Peace Through Prosperity has demonstrably delivered:

  • Double digit revenue and profitability growth for the participants enterprise
  • Financial independence and awareness
  • Inclusion of participant’s children in mainstream education
  • Social mobility
  • Self-esteem and sense of ‘right’ amongst participants
  • Improved understanding of and appreciation civic rights and duty

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From mending shoes under an open sky to owning a shop and holding even higher ambitions, Anwar Khan in shares his transformative journey over an 8 month period:

Anwar Khan Cobbler At Qayyumabad karachi from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.



Testimonials from a Group Workshop – Building brighter futures

Three testimonials from participants/beneficiaries of the mini-MBA and consulting program in Urdu with English sub-titles:

1st Combine Group Work Shop Sultanabad and Hijrat Colony from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.


1498 lives changed for the better

1498 – This is not just a number. This is the number of lives we have changed. This is the number of direct and indirect beneficiaries we have reached and positively affected. This is the number of stories we have to share. This is the number of beneficiaries whose future has been transformed. To break it down for you:

  • 214 direct beneficiaries
  • 1284 indirect beneficiaries

When Peace Through Prosperity started operations in Karachi early this year, we knew the economic-political challenges will raise walls and create blockers for our team and our project. With our determination, hard work and the trust individual beneficiaries placed in us we have succeeded in the first leg of our journey.

During a recent workshop in Qayumabad, we asked our latest batch of mini-MBAs beneficiaries to update us and each other on their progress;  their profit increased on average by 80%, fruit sellers who had one pushcart now owned two, the ones who had rented one were now the owners of their own pushcart, some saved enough to buy goats and the womenfolk in their family were now sell goats milk in the market to supplement their household income, their children were able to go to school, some are now able to afford to send their children to better schools and even private tuition. Individuals, families and communities who were stuck in poverty now have a means of their own making to gradually work their way out of poverty.

Munib, after attending the mini-MBA program, is now able to have a better set-up for his business and his identity as a vegetable seller in the market

Munib, after attending the mini-MBA program, now has a known brand in his neighbourhood as a reputable vegetable seller.

Peach Through Prosperity, till now, has worked in seven areas – Qayumabad, Sultanabad, Chakra Goth, Bilal Colony, Hijrat Colony, Korangi No.2 and Bangali Para. After the mini-MBA trainings empowering the micro entrepreneurs of these areas, workshops were held in order to increase cross communication between individuals from different neighbourhoods and communities and to share their successes and failures to peer source solutions to their challenges.

To share some narratives, Ayoub is a samosa seller with a cart in Korangi No.2. Following our mini-MBA program we put a growth plan for Ayoub, who saved enough to started another cart from Korangi Crossing, and employed a local unemployed youth to manage the second cart. Furthermore Ayoub went on to purchase a motor bike from his savings and now delivers snacks and rolls to nearby schools canteens in the mornings. What was and a micro business for Ayoub is now expanding into a full-fledge enterprise with a 100% growth in revenue and an unabated ambition to grow it further still.

Similarly, Mohammad a juice seller has been able to purchase another cart and set it up as his second juice cart and has employed his uncle to manage it, not only have Ayoub and Mohammad expanded their businesses they have created employment and prosperity in their local community.

Habib speaking to his fellow micro entrepreneurs, motivating them to work hard for a brighter future. They can make it possible, too!

Habib speaking to his fellow micro entrepreneurs, motivating them to work hard for a brighter future. They can make it possible, too!

In our workshops we also invite an inspiring personality to speak to our beneficiaries and encourage them think big. In our last workshop, we invited Habib, President of Sindh Tajir Ittehad who shared his experiences with our members narrating his own journey from a push cart  started off with a pushcart too. From there Habib went on to buy one shop and now has a number of shops in Korangi and Saddar. Something that is not beyond the reach of our beneficiaries either.

With the news of our beneficiaries successes reaching far and wide the skepticism attached with our work has greatly reduced as well. In fact, in every workshop we get a lot of people who were not a part of our mini-MBA program but want to learn to improve their lives.

It’s not just the street based entrepreneurs who have benefited but we have been working hard to address the encroachment problem too. For instance, the road from Korangi 1.5 to Korangi No.2 was blocked and it used to take around 45 minutes to reach from one point to another. The 80 ft road was only had 20 ft dedicated to traffic and the rest was occupied by carts. Now, the area is 90% cleared out which has helped the traffic to run smoothly. It has not affected the business of these vendors but has helped them as the people now walk on foot towards them and even stay there for a while since the traffic does not disturb them anymore.

All what we did for these people was to make them organized and taught them the basics of their enterprise. These people used to call their work “hawai rozi” which means daily wages jobs but we instilled in them the notion that it is their business. They have to think about profits and sales if they want to save some money at the end of the day. This change of perception ensured the paradigm shift. Not only they started believing in saving but they also put their kids in schools so that their future could not same as theirs.


We are now reaching out to more fruit, vegetable, samosa/rolls sellers and cobblers to help improve their lives. Currently, we are working with our 213 individuals and families, and helping them in every way possible to keep up their new model of business to secure their livelihood. To know more about the change Peace Through Prosperity is bringing with our work, visit our website  or follow us on Twitter or Facebook . You can also watch more life-changing stories on our Vimeo  channel. Stay tuned and be a part of the change you want to see in your society.


Rendezvous with Abdul Sattar Edhi – Learning from a living legend

Peace Through Prosperity 's team benefiting from the icon of Pakistan - Abdul Sattar Edhi

Peace Through Prosperity ‘s team benefiting from the icon of Pakistan – Abdul Sattar Edhi

One fine day we were just discussing work in our office and the conversation flowed towards Abdul Sattar Edhi. We started talking about his work, his passion to serve humanity and the relentless hard work he and his team puts in changing the face of social welfare across the globe and pioneering it in Pakistan. It was then we arrange a meeting with Abdul Sattar Edhi and share our project vision with him and gain some feedback and knowledge that Mr Edhi would share. It was neither planned nor was absolutely pertinent to our work yet we just could not hold back the idea of meeting Abdul Sattar Edhi sahab.

We called his office and got an appointment for the next morning. We were elated. After all, we were to meet THE man himself and we would tell him about Peace Through Prosperity. We were not sure how he would react; will he be happy to know about the kind of work we are doing or would just not care much since we are sure he must meet a lot of NGOs on a daily basis. Yet, we were excited.

The next morning we were at Bilquis Edhi Home where we saw a couple of women sitting in front of an old man We asked one of the women where we can find Edhi sahib since we have an appointment with him and the humble lady asked us, “Don’t you recognize him?” It was then that the old man smiled and said, “Meri topi le ke aao”. The man was indeed, Abdul Sattar Edhi. We felt a little embarrassed but his warmth soon let us forget all our inhibitions and open up to him.

At Peace Through Prosperity we believe in bringing peace in across the world through prosperity. Of course we are not as big as Edhi Foundation but we are following his footsteps and want to bring such a positive change in society that can go miles and miles for our country.

You can check out our work in detail on our or watch our success stories on to be more up close with our cause.

Edhi is an institution in himself but when we met him we found no thread of arrogance in him. He was compassionate, simple and extremely down to earth. We want to emulate that stature.

Edhi sahab encouraging PTP, "Aisa pehle kabhi Pakistan main kisi ne nahi kia"

Edhi sahab encouraging PTP, “Aisa kaam pehle kabhi Pakistan mey kisi ne nahi kia”

When we shared our work and experiences with him, he got delighted. He said, “No one in Pakistan has ever done something like this before.” He endorsed that the idea of working with micro entrepreneurs like vegetable/fruit sellers, street hawkers, cobblers, barbers and the likes is unique and should have been given importance years ago. Yet it is not too late and we can still work on to improve the lives of this community. His appreciation and encouragement meant the world to us. Our morale just went up high and we knew we are on the right track.

Edhi sahib told us that the path we chosen is not easy and we will face a lot of problems as we progress but we must not give up our cause and keep fighting for it. The more you grow the more problems you will face. He also said that the day you start having enemies who constantly create hurdles in your way, just be sure that you are getting successful in your mission. It gives us immense pleasure to know that he backs Peace Through Prosperity and stands by us in our pursuit of alleviating poverty by empowering the daily wages workers.

Just as our name suggests, we aim to spread peace and happiness, and since we are working with the lower working class we aim to teach them the basics to ensure harmony. For starters, we emphasize on controlling your tongue and being polite to everyone. If a customer has some issues, you have to bear with it. After all, he gives you business. Besides, if you reply to harsh comments in the same manner then it will just continue to get worse. You should learn to ignore negativity. After a while, the other person will stop fighting will you and will be civil to you. This is the simplest way to ensure peace in your environment.

To get constant updates about our work, you an follow us on or Like us on where we keep adding pictures and our projects. You can also be a part of our Peace Through Prosperity family by either being our peace Ambassador or helping in any other possible manner; click on to get a detailed idea of your involvement in Peace Through prosperity.

We might be working in a slightly different field but our ideology is exactly in sync with Edhi sahab’s vision and mission; taking peace to each and every corner of the country without harming any individual or organization in the process. Just interacting with him has given us new direction and meaning. We are now more confident of our motto and are sure that our organization will benefit the working class of our country at large bringing a positive change in society… very soon.