Geographical Area Covered for the pilot of the Cobbler/Mochee Project

PTP’s pilot project is being carried out in Rawalpindi (main city) and Chichawatni (town) in the Punjab, Haripur (district) and Darra Adam Khel (DAK)[1] (town) in KPK.

The geographical coverage for the pilot stage has been selected, representing different environments for social-economic development and opportunities:

The implementation too will be restricted to the above geographies.

[1] The survey results for DAK (a total of 14 survey results) have not yet been included in the findings of this report, the completed responses were not collated in time for this report. During the course of conducting the surveys the PTP team attracted unwelcome attention and the surveys were seized for review by the local political agents office. They were released to us on the 27th of June 2012.


Demographics of Street Cobblers Surveyed – Their age range

The results of PTP’s pilot survey show that 47.39% of the survey sample is between the ages of 12 to 28 year olds (12 to 16 at 4.97% and 17 to 28 year olds at 42.41%). This represents demographics of Pakistan, indicative of the youth bulge. And 70.14% of cobbler sample lies between the age group of 12 to 40 years. The youth in the profession is the primary target audience PTP is engaging with in the impact analysis phase for the skills, qualifications and apprenticeship programs. There were 2 non-respondents.

Figure  – Age range of street cobblers surveyed in the pilot areas

This data has been a revelation to the main stream footwear manufacturers, representatives of whom have been complaining about a lack of youth being attracted towards their industry[1].

The data also supports our objective of setting up a mochee research and development academy, with the objective of introducing modern tools and techniques to the street cobblers, new service lines and affordable Chinese machinery to mechanise their manual processes.

[1] As discussed at the meeting with PFMA and NAVTTC on the 8th of June 2012.