Feature in Cutting Edge – UK’s trade magazine for Today’s Shoe Repairer

Undeniably a giant leap for Peace Through Prosperity’s Street Cobbler project!

Cutting Edge trade magazine for UK Shoe Repairer - Featuring Peace Through ProsperityThe pulse here at Peace Through Prosperity has been racing for the past fortnight! after months of delays and budgetary constraints we kicked off the Haripur project last week, We lit the beacons of Gondor and Éowyn came with her cavalry to aid! and to top it off this morning we got the recent issue of the Cutting Edge magazine in the post with a feature on the street cobbler project!

The feature is a huge milestone for our street cobbler project for it connects us, our work and the street cobblers in conflict affected areas that we are working in with the UK trade community. It is a small footbridge between a community separated by continents and circumstances.

It is our hope that shoe repair professionals from the UK will engage with us and support us in delivering life changing training, skills and tools to the street cobblers in the geographies we are working in.

Cutting Edge trade magazine for UK Shoe Repairer - Featuring Peace Through Prosperity

We need YOUR continued support to raise funds, learn about new tools and skills that we can transfer to improve and secure the livelihood of street cobblers and to extend this program to many more street cobblers and other street based vocations in Pakistan and other conflicted affected communities across the third rock.

To help us help the entrepreneur of circumstance please visit our website or get in touch with us to donate via a bank transfer.


Standing on the shoulders of a giant!

From the very begining we have had the Timpson group on our radar and until very recently team PTP was struggling to make contact with the right people within Timpsons… then in July 2012 our advisor Roy Newey set up a meeting with James Timpson, the chief exec of Timpson. 24th of July 2012 was a game changer for PTP and the Mochee Project, James got onboard and Timpson’s knowledge banks opened up for PTP to transfer skills and training to the street cobblers in Pakistan. Within 2 days of the meeting PTP’s outpost in the UK received  the Timpson curriculum for shoe and watch repair and on the 8th of August Kubair met with the head of training at Timpson, Peter D Harris and Peter shared some more invaluable material with PTP! All the training materials were sent to Islamabad and are currently being used to design the business growth manuals for the street cobblers in Pakistan.

Timpson Training Academy HMP Blantyre Kent

Timpson Training Academy HMP Blantyre Kent

On the 15th of August Kubair Shirazee visited the Timpson’s Academy at HMP Blantyre in Kent, and spent the morning discussing what knowledge, skills and tools could be transferred across to the street cobblers in pakistan that would have an immediate positive impact on their ability to generate more income.

The Timpson academy at Blantyre trains male and female prisoners from around Kent in skills such as shoe and jewellery repair, engraving, photo-processing, mini-lab operation, poster printing, retail procedures and key cutting. The aim is to ensure prisoners are not ‘simply warehoused’ while in prison but rehabilitated so they can hold down successful jobs when they leave, which is vital in preventing reoffending.

Tools used by a street Cobbler in Pakistan

Kubair tool along with him the tools currently in use by an average street cobbler in Pakistan… a show and learn exercise.. and on seeing the tools the lead trainers at the Academy  Paul Black and Richard Pickering provided some incredible practical advise and guidance which undeniably will have an impact on the street cobblers’s operational efficiency and livelihood:

+ Use of tubular rivets to save time on stitching (direct impact on operational efficiency and revenue) – stronger than a stitch, has the bling factor and is quicker

Tubular Rivets to use instead of stitching

+ Hand stitching tool (direct impact on operational efficiency and revenue) – though its true potential would emerge over time (picture attached)

Hand Stitching Tool

+ Hand shears (where there are currently none in use) (direct impact on operational efficiency and revenue) – a multi purpose but expensive tool

+ Vibro Pen – hand held etching pen – new service line/some training needed – tool cost to be researched – introducing a new service line!

Furthermore Richard Pickering and Paul Black agreed to view a number of our videos where the street cobblers are at work and offer their advise based on decades of experience on how the Pakistani street cobbler can achieve  operational efficiency.

With support from Timpson PTP can make a real difference to the lives of street Cobblers and their families and above all, a reduction in the exploitation of the poor by criminal and extremist enterprises. It is about up-skilling and introducing operational efficiencies and we would be stumbling along if not for the experience of Timpson built over 100+ years of the group being in the trade!