For the past two odd months we have been busy battling it out (with zero success) with the Capital Development Authority, an awkward organisation at the best of times and under the interim government in Pakistan a down right nasty piece of work… it is our assumption that its current chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz has little or no knowledge of what the junior level staff at the CDA are up to.

Upon taking over the role of interim Chairman CDA Mr Syed Tahir Shahbaz launched a clean and green Islamabad campaign which has resulted in destruction of the livelihoods of countless individuals who ply their trade and sell their wares off the streets in Pakistan as is common in third world economies. Pretty sure that was not the intention but that is what is being implemented by the CDA field staff!

Our street cobblers have been at the forefront of the assault to beautify Islamabad by brushing the poverty out of the city as opposed to constructively addressing it.

This is an email I received this morning from our field team:

“This morning I and Baber went to our Participants who attended the our mini-MBA workshops, the situation is very sad, the clean and green operation of CDA has destroyed the businesses of the street cobblers, many of them left this business and they went to their village for other options, and some of them they are sitting but not hope full to do this business in future. The Participants we have visited told us that it  was a time that they were growing their business CDA started the operation and stopped them in their tracks, its very difficult for them to survive here in this condition. Many of them have left Islamabad to go back to farming in their village and some are willing to change their business. We all know there is little to farm in conflict affected areas, so we know where they will end up after this. Quite a few of them have asked what PTP is doing for us? whilst their livelihood is being destroyed by the CDA.

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