Diary log following the very first Business Growth Workshop for Street Cobblers

We kicked off the pilot group for the business growth workshop on 3rd September 2012, the workshop was spread over 5 evenings and ended on the 7th of September 2012.
The workshop was followed by on-site visits (one per street cobbler), think of it as on-site consulting to answer any further questions the street cobbler may have in relation to the training received in the previous week.

Khan Wada with Babar Waseem from Team PTP – 1 to 1 on better record keeping

These on-site visits served multiple purposes too, the day trips were providing the team with excellent feedback to incorporate in the next workshop, plus we had to deliver their stools and promotional banners and most importantly getting insight into their record keeping.
By the 22nd of October we started collecting the data from the street cobblers, and the results are mind blowing!
Our data gathering was somewhat disrupted towards the end of October on account of Eid-ul-Adha, The Islamic feast of the sacrifice for which most out of towners (which the majority of the street cobblers are) leave for their villages and home towns.

Laal Badshah with the stools provided for the comfort of his customers

The results we have gathered for the very first cohort are being compiled in a report that is due out at the beginning of December.
But some data to keep your interest…

Of our first pilot three of the initial four maintained a 100% attendance record, Khan Wada, Taj Wali and Laal Badshah have seen revenue growth in month 1 following the business growth workshop of an average 50%. Laal Badshah has requested for him to be allowed to repeat of the training session whilst Khan Wada has agreed to become a facilitator in our workshops.

Khan Wada’s personalised promotional banner next to the pavement he plys his trade from. The banner has his picture, mobile phone number and a list of the services he provides along with the prices for his service lines.

Their interviews and more to follow…

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